To refresh garments and reduce wrinkles.

LG is bringing its Styler Steam Clothing Care System (S3BF) to the Australian market this month. A first for the company locally, it will be available through selected Harvey Norman stores with a price tag of $3,299.

Featuring LG TrueSteam technology, the Styler uses moving hangers to gently shake clothes to reduce wrinkles and dispel unpleasant odours from fabrics. It can also dry clothes using LG’s heat pump dryer technology.

The LG Styler has been designed for clothing items such as woollens, knits, jackets, trousers and sportswear that can’t be easily washed or dried in dryers. By using a low heat drying approach, it gradually reduces the moisture contained in the fabric, reducing the likelihood of shrinkage and creasing caused by overdrying. The ‘Pants Crease Care’ feature combines a compartment built into the door to help with trouser crease-lines while the LG Styler gently refreshes and deodorises.

Up to four garments can be in the Styler simultaneously, taking just 20 minutes for the light refresh cycle to complete. Sanitary cycles, which reduce allergens, can be completed in less than 90 minutes for most garments. The LG Styler is certified by the British Allergen Foundation and has been tested for reduction in exposure to house dust mites and bacteria.

Smart Diagnosis and SmartThinQ allows users to control the Styler with Google Assistant, remotely monitor the LG Styler and track its energy consumption.

LG Australia senior marketing manager – home appliances, Brad Reed said the newly released LG Styler has a refined, modern appearance to complement either a laundry room or a contemporary bedroom environment, with a black glass door design, white cabinet and digital touch display.

“The Styler introduces a new clothing care concept whereby a variety of fabrics and garments can be kept hygienically clean while ensuring you always look your very best. It will change the way Australian’s think about their clothing care options, and their attitude and use of damaging and chemical based dry cleaning.”

“At LG, our mission is to provide innovative home appliances that offer customers new products, such as the LG Styler, which make their lives more convenient through forward-thinking technology.”