To stay ahead of the game.

LG Electronics Australia general manager of marketing, Angus Jones shares his insights on the retail market and his expectations for the remainder of 2017.

The year so far… LG has enjoyed a healthy start to the year. Our latest home entertainment range combined with a strong home appliance offering has resonated well with our customers. We anticipate this success will help fuel growth for the remainder of 2017.

Second half predictions… We are excited to offer Australians one of LG’s strongest line-ups in the laundry category to date. During the second half of the year, we will refresh our washing machine range with practical features designed to make everyday living easy. The new appliances will include internet connectivity as well as an innovative and stylish twin wash solution that enables consumers to run two wash cycles – tough and delicate garments – simultaneously. We anticipate this will be popular among busy Australians who are looking for clever, time-saving solutions.

Market opportunities… There are significant opportunities within categories that have been monopolised or cluttered in recent years. LG is revitalising its vacuum and dishwasher products with innovative technologies. We are confident our new offerings will help springboard us onto the same playing field as the dominant players in the market.

Industry threats… Sky-high housing prices paired with the increasing cost of living will continue to contribute towards the decision making process, particularly for high valued products like smartphones and appliances. A desire for the lowest possible price continues to be a threat to our industry. Retail staff should continue to educate consumers with the right information about each product to ensure shoppers walk out the door with a product that meets their direct needs.

Best product of 2017… Sitting on my wish list is the LG Wallpaper TV, measuring just 4mm so it looks fantastic mounted against any flat surface. In the need category, LG’s TWINwash solution has made life easier at home, simplifying and reducing the volume of washing.