LG Electronics is showcasing digital signage solutions at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, from January 30 to February 2.

LG’s display solutions, tailored to retail, corporate, education and hospitality sectors, include Micro LED, All-in-One LED, Transparent OLED screens and cloud management platforms.

Inside ISE 2024’s largest booth, the LG MAGNIT line-up of Micro LED displays feature across several zones that demonstrate different use cases, including a digitalised control room, meeting space, luxury suite and virtual production studio.

Ideal for conference rooms, LG MAGNIT All-in-One features front-mounted controls, integrated speakers and a controller for convenience. LG Micro LED solutions for corporate control rooms offer large screens and continuous monitoring capabilities, while LG MAGNIT for virtual production studios delivers accurate image reproduction and compatibility with various filmmaking equipment. The company’s Micro LED displays for luxury suites leverage the Alpha 9 AI processor to provide content-optimised picture quality.

The 1,728 square metre booth also presents LG’s Kinetic LED for shopping centres and airports. The installation comprises a kinetic screen measuring 3,670 x 6,100mm and several large-size LED Fine Pitch screens displaying digital art that moves in sync with atmospheric music.

The Luxury Suite offers exclusive cinematic viewing experiences with the 118-inch LG MAGNIT and 49-, 55- and 65-inch UHD signage solutions featuring art gallery-inspired picture-frame bezels. With Apple AirPlay, guests can stream content to LG TVs from an iPhone or iPad. Guests scan an on-screen QR code after checking in to securely pair the device directly to the TV. 

The Corporate Zone highlights three LG MAGNIT displays – one for filming commercials, another with a detachable power supply unit for control rooms, and the All-in-One model with embedded controller and speakers for meeting rooms. Also on show are the 21:9 aspect ratio 171-inch LED All-in-One and 21:9 105-inch LCD signage, which work with widescreen video-conferencing platforms. 

In the Retail Zone, visitors can explore solutions that enhance the shopping experience and generate advertising revenue including the 79-inch Stretch LED signage for showing brand content, Transparent OLED, which serves as a digital menu board, and LG Kiosk, which provides a self-service option. The company is also illustrating the ease of selecting and playing in-store advertisements through LG SuperSign AD’s Programmatic AD feature.

The new 55-inch modular Transparent OLED allows for an NxN-format ‘video wall’ installation that serves as an open partition while engaging shoppers. In addition, the LG double-sided LED-LCD signage (86-inch LED and 75-inch LCD) shows off the possibilities for simultaneously delivering advertisements to in-store visitors and passerbys. This space also demonstrates the 37-inch stretch, and 30- and 55-inch vertical Transparent OLED displays.

The Education Zone features a digital classroom equipped with LG CreateBoard interactive digital boards. Educators can load classes and give students access via QR codes. The integrated solution for virtual production includes LED screens for displaying digitally rendered backgrounds, LG CreateBoard for writing, and OLED displays for reviewing video footage.

LG also offers cloud-based software solutions that facilitate the management of its digital displays. The integrated LG Business Cloud platform lets users explore, subscribe to, and manage the cloud solutions available for LG digital signage and commercial TVs.