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LG Electronics is currently celebrating a trifecta off acclaim from consumer advocacy magazine Choice for its frontload washing machines. The Korean whitegoods company scored first, second and third in the recent test, for its WD14024D6, WD12021D6 and WD14130D6 models, respectively.

The survey was conducted in April 2015 and involved running the rule over 35 frontloaders, assessing  dirt removal, rinse performance, gentleness, water efficiency, noise and brand reliability, among other factors.

LG’s local head of PR Phillip Anderson was happy with this result.

“To be rated as best-in-category by a non-biased consumer publication is a confirmation for LG that we deliver top quality washing machines to Australian consumers,” he said. “In addition to the fact that LG was the number one selling home laundry appliance brand in the world (excluding China) in 2014 , these awards speak to the research and innovation that goes into the development of our products and our overall goal of improving the lives of our consumers.”

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