At LG’s House of Colour event, marketing director, Gemma Lemieux explained the brand’s strategy behind introducing more colour and design options across its home appliance and home entertainment range.

“Home appliances and consumer electronics are designed to make your life easier and give you more time to do the things you love. Our product range this year has been uniquely designed around our new brand identity – Innovation for a Better Life – which focuses in on our slogan, Life’s Good,” Lemieux said.

“We are striving to personalise our products for consumers so they can create their own individual spaces. We acknowledge that 2023 has been a tough financial year for Australians and those consumers are eager to add colour, joy, fun and excitement to their home life.

“Australians align themselves with brands and products that make sense for them and speak to them as an individual, with colour on the radar for 2023. We want to enrich consumers’ lives with clever innovation and this year, more than ever, our products are a convergence between beautiful design and style, as well as our amazing technology, allowing consumers to customise their environment to their own personal taste and style.

“Later this year, LG will launch significant brand campaigns focusing on our brand identity: Innovation for a Better Life, aimed at bringing in younger consumers into our campaigns to appeal to them now and in the future as an important customer segment.

“At this event, we have created three unique spaces and styled them with our products to demonstrate how they fit seamlessly into any environment, from both a style and technology perspective, showcasing our new colourways in our WashTower and Styler, as well as providing a sneak peek of our MoodUp refrigerator.”