LG Electronics Australia has unveiled its latest home appliance, home entertainment and productivity products at its House of Colour event hosted in Sydney last week.

LG partnered with interior design duo, Josh and Matt (pictured below), who styled a kitchen, laundry and living room, tapping into their maximalist style and integrating some of LG’s latest products to highlight the growing trend of colour and personalisation in the home.

According to Pantone, colour plays a powerful role by serving as an expression of a mood and an attitude. Understanding the role of colour in influencing perception and reflection of personal identity, the LG product range has been designed to complement today’s home-centric way of life.   

“Self-expression and personalisation are two major trends we are seeing in the home this year. Personalisation is about designing to an individual’s requirements and when it comes to appliances and electronics, we think they should be part of the design process too,” Josh and Matt said.

“Australians no longer want to live inside a white box with four walls. They want to create a space that truly reflects their personalities and brings joy to the household – especially when they spend so much time in the home for both work and play. 

“We’ve injected our own personality into the three rooms we’ve styled to inspire individuality in your own home, which should be a reflection of who you are and evolve with you. Experimenting is a great way to discover what you like and don’t like.”


For the kitchen, Josh and Matt chose a bold purple palette against a more neutral palette. “We love seeing colourful appliances complement the space rather than take away from it. If you choose the right appliances, it can help elevate the overall aesthetic,” they said.

The kitchen incorporated the new LG InstaView refrigerator with MoodUPLED colour panels that offer over 170,000 different colour combinations. The fridge is customisable via the LG ThinQ mobile app where users can select preset colour themes such as Season, Place, Mood and Pop. The built-in Bluetooth speaker allows users to match music to their mood from streaming apps.

The InstaView refrigerator with MoodUp will be available in July 2023 for RRP $7,999.

The kitchen also featured the new LG StanbyMe, a wireless battery-operated 27-inch screen that can be positioned anywhere in the room. The wheels hidden in the base make it easy to move from room-to-room and via near field communication technology (NFC), users can mirror content from their phone, tablet, or laptop.

The LG StanbyMe will be available in August 2023 for RRP $1,999.


When it comes to living spaces, people often feel more comfortable and confident experimenting with colour and personality compared to other rooms of the home, according to Josh and Matt.

“In this room, we balanced some bold colourful pieces like a curved pink sofa with natural materials found in the wool rug to add warmth to the space. Most of the pieces we used for this room are second-hand and vintage items. The soft yellow we chose for the walls is a great backdrop for greenery and artwork,” they said.

The living room incorporated the LG Easel and Posé Lifestyle TVs with LG OLED evo panels.

LG national product trainer for home entertainment, Nicholas O’Connor with the LG Easel Lifestyle TV.

The LG OLED Easel features a beige fabric cover which lowers for full content viewing or raises to LineView, revealing part of the TV to display artwork or information such as the time and date, transforming its form and function. The LG OLED Posé TV features gently curved edges and a muted Beige hue. It is completely freestanding to position it anywhere in the room with storage on the back for magazines or devices and the cable management system hidden in the leg.

LG head of B2B marketing (business solutions), Brad Reed with the LG gram Style laptop.

LG also showcased its latest laptop offering, the LG gram Style, with a striking look that diverges from the traditional black and grey options on the market. It weighs less than 1.45kg, provides up to 20 hours video playback in a single charge and introduces a white iridescent body and illuminating haptic keyboard – a strong divergence from the traditional black and grey options on the market.


The laundry has traditionally been hidden behind closed doors but has more recently become a room that can be enjoyed as part of daily life, according to Josh and Matt.

“You want your appliances to match your interior aesthetics. The laundry has been designed around LG’s laundry appliances in the new Forest Green colourway, including the WashTower, Styler and CordZero vacuum cleaner. The laundry is a great example of how designing a space around appliances can work beautifully by blending function and aesthetics,” they said.

LG training manager for home appliances, Christian Frykberg in the Laundry room.

The LG Styler, now available in Forest Green, is designed for clothing that isn’t suitable for a washing machine or dryer, or items that have only been worn once. It features LG TrueSteam technology to refresh clothing between wash cycles, while matching interior style preferences.   

Inside the LG Styler.

The updated WashTower range, now available in Forest Green and Beige, and Black Steel finishes, comes in a more compact design with reduced height, width and depth, while still delivering a 12kg washer and 9kg dryer.

Vacuum cleaners have traditionally been hidden away in a pantry, under the staircase or in the garage, but the new LG CordZero vacuum in Forest Green is designed to be on display in the home for users with limited storage options. The latest LG CordZero model incorporates a new Power Drive Mop with a built-in generator that supplies heated water into its mop pads to clean floors.