LG Electronics has strengthened its robotic vacuum range with the addition of two new models, featuring a unique wet mop function to vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Equipped with LiDAR sensor technology, the latest models (R5-PRO and R5T-AUTO) provide effective obstacle and cliff detection to help prevent collisions and enable seamless navigation around the home.

Households can choose from four levels of suction and customise suction level based on specific cleaning requirements including floor material, surface size, and dust type. The R5-PRO and R5T-AUTO also boast Smart Suction, accessible through the LG ThinQ app, which automatically increases suction power by one level when a carpet surface is detected.

Via the LG ThinQ app, users can access features including remote operation, cleaning record tracking, and room mapping. Users can also designate a cleaning zone for focused cleaning or set restricted areas to avoid.

In addition, the R5T-AUTO model offers an auto-emptying tower, which efficiently disposes of dust and other particles when the vacuum returns to its docking station for recharging. The contents are stored in a dust storage bag.

All models work with compatible Google Home and Alexa voice recognition speakers to start and end cleaning tasks through voice commands while obtaining real-time updates on status.

LG Australia marketing manager of home appliances, Shannon Tweedie said, “Australians are increasingly looking for added convenience in their daily chores and are embracing innovative technology to do so – giving them back more time to focus on what truly matters.

“Designed to bring convenience to Australian homes, the LG robot vacuum range merges intuitive technology, such as LiDAR sensors, with smart features including built-in mop and connectivity with the LG ThinQ app to help elevate everyday experiences.”