LG Signature and Sydney Dance Company have collaborated on a creative piece of content that merges movement with the flexibility of the world’s first and only rollable TV, the LG Signature OLED R.

LG Signature announced its partnership with Sydney Dance Company in October 2021 designed to showcase the brand’s products in line with its core philosophy: Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art. 

LG Signature, the presenting partner for Sydney Dance Company’s upcoming [ab] intra Sydney season co-created the creative piece as another way for Australians to be immersed creatively.  

“LG Signature’s brand philosophy is built around harmony of art and technology and we are passionate about fueling the industry with enhanced creativity,” LG Australia marketing director, Gemma Lemieux said.

“After the devastating impact of the pandemic across the last two years, LG is even more committed to supporting the Australian arts community and showing how they can rediscover good in the everyday.”  

Sydney Dance Company artistic director, Rafael Bonachela added, “There is a wonderful synergy and connection between the two brands that makes it feel so right and exciting for us. The LG Signature products are incredibly advanced in technology and design – they are always surprising you. And contemporary dance as an art form is about pushing the boundaries. We are both constantly striving to inspire, move and uplift our audiences.”

He added: “As we emerge from more than two years of profound changes in what we perceived as ‘normal’, and a deep understanding of ourselves to rediscover good in our lives, LG Signature hopes that crafting more avenues for Australians to be immersed creatively will help not only to support the arts and cultural industry, but the broader community as well.”

Image caption: Up (Left to Right): Rafael Bonachela (Artistic Director at Sydney Dance Company), Emily Seymour (Dancer at Sydney Dance Company), Liam Green (Dancer at Sydney Dance Company), Louise Annetts (Corporate Comms Manager at LG Electronics Australia), Gemma Lemieux (Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia). Bottom: Chloe Leong (Dancer at Sydney Dance Company).