By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Miele’s reputation for durable appliances with a 20-year normal use life cycle is a product of its rigorous quality control procedures, according to the German supplier’s locally based product marketing manager (domestic appliances), Rudi Niemoeller.

Shortly after being named ‘Best Brand Overall’ in laundry care, dishwashers, refrigeration and floorcare by British consumer advocacy title Which?, Niemoeller spoke to about how Miele works to achieve these results.

“Miele has a very extensive quality control process which applies not only to complete appliances, but also to individual components,” he said. “At the end of the assembly process, each individual product undergoes a complete functional check in Miele's factories prior to being released for shipping.”

Niemoeller said that a key part of Miele's quality control process is to randomly select appliances off the production line for testing. The chosen appliance is then subjected to a simulation of 20 years domestic use, ensuring the goods can live up to the manufacturer’s high standards,

In order to convey this quality control message to consumers, the German supplier has instituted targeted training courses for Miele’s chartered agents.

“Miele conducts extensive product training activities with all specialist chartered agents on a regular basis.

“Details relating to Miele's quality philosophy, quality control processes and superior life expectancy form an integral part of these training activities, providing retail sales staff with expert background knowledge to explain the benefits of Miele quality accurately and confidently to consumers.”

Niemoeller’s confidence in Miele’s product quality control process, and the consumer trust this has generated, is so resolute, he declared it unparalleled.

“Miele has earned itself great trust and confidence, to a degree unparalleled by other manufacturers in the domestic appliance sector,” he said.