By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Sony Australia has announced a trade promotion to support its Bravia televisions, hi-fi systems, hi-fi components and DVR/DVD recorders leading up to Christmas Day.

The Aspire promotion will operate on a points system, with bonus points being awarded to retailers for combined home theatre and television sales.

Points will be awarded based on the product sold, as shown on the points calculator chart found at, with a live scoreboard tracking the top 200 participants.

“There has never been a better time to get customers to aspire to own the very best in home theatre entertainment. We’ve introduced this promotion to support the launch of our cutting-edge line-up of Bravia TV and hi-fi products. We want retail staff to be as excited about this range as we are, and as we know customers will be,” said Sony Australia national sales manager, David Hargreaves.

Participants must first register on the site, and Sony will offer prizes to the top 500 participating staff.

The prizes include a 50-inch 3LCD Bravia TV for those ranked in the top 50, a Sony Ericsson phone for those ranked 51 to 150, a Sony portable DVD player (DVPFX810) for those ranked 151 to 250, a Sony Walkman (NSW203F) for 251 to 350 ranked and a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones for the remainder of salespeople in the top 500.