Jura is launching the GIGA 10 automatic specialty coffee machine with two bean containers, two professional ceramic disc grinders, and cold extraction process technology.

The cold extraction process doubles the number of specialty coffee choices by preparing cold brew with cold water using the espresso method. This means the GIGA 10 delivers the widest choice of coffee specialties of any Jura coffee machine.

Its compact design, which measures just 32cm wide and 41.5cm deep, is complemented by a new touch panel in wide panoramic format for easier navigation. Simply tap and slide to select and customise beverage size, intensity, and ratio of coffee to milk and milk foam.

The GIGA 10 also features two high-performance grinders made of ceramic material and two lidded bean containers with a turbine look, each connected to a separate grinder.

The JURA GIGA 10 in Diamond Black is available for RRP $5,490.