By Patrick Avenell

A commercial cooling unit has been recalled today by Brivis Australia. The unit, which may have been installed in your retail store between August 2001 and October 2003, has the potential to damage both your store’s property and cause harm to your staff and customers.

The affected models are listed as the Brivis Contour Evaporative Cooler and the Brivis Profiler Evaporative Cooler, with serial numbers 447638 to 559848. They were installed between 1 August 2001 and 31 October 2003.

According to the supplier, “the starting device in these units may fail and, in rare cases, property damage and/or personal injury could result”.

Retailers who are affected by this recall are advised to stop opertin the unit and contact Brivis (1800 754 553). Alternatively, one can visit the company’s dedicated recall website.

The company notes that it “can make arrangements to carry out the required rework free of charge”.