By Patrick Avenell

UNITED STATES: Electrolux’ US office has announced the voluntary recall of around 320,000 vacuum cleaners after consumers complained of ‘bursting batteries’.

The models affected in this recall are the Ergorapido, Pronto and Precision Vacuums. These stick vacuums pose an injury risk to users after it was discovered the battery is prone to “expand and burst”. 

Over 30 reports of incidents or injury have been received by Electrolux’ Illinois head office. These include damage to vacuum, damage to surrounding property and two reports of minor injuries. An Electrolux spokesperson said these injuries involved “swollen hands and irritation to the eyes from contact with battery powder”.

These models were originally sold between November 2007 and March 2009. Consumers who purchased them have been advised to cease using the appliance immediately and to contact Electrolux for replacement parts. has contacted Electrolux’ Australian office to ask if any local brands or models are affected and we are awaiting a response. At this stage, only it appears only the US is affected.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Electrolux Australia contacted and said that local manager for floorcare and small appliances, John Mahar, was monitoring the situation in the United States. At this time, no affected products have been sold in Australia and there have been no incidents reported.