By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Tefal has launched its new range of pressure cookers, which the company said are both a kitchen time saver and healthier way to cook.

According to the company, the Clipso range of pressure cookers is for the time poor home chef, with meals cooked up to three times faster than conventional cooking.

By trapping steam inside the pot the temperature and pressure increase to higher than normal levels, which helps to cook and tenderise food more quickly.

The Tefal Clipso Control Plus range features the company’s patented foldable, heat-resistant handles that are able to turn upside down for convenient storage, as well as a detachable smart timer for precision cooking.

Being dishwasher ready and featuring multiple cooking setting, the pressure cookers have also been designed with user-friendliness in mind.

Tefal said that due to shorter cooking times and increased pressure, up to 50 per cent more vitamins and minerals are retained in the food.

The Clipso range also features what Tefal calls a world exclusive ‘one hand’ system that is designed to allow users to still be able to lock the cooker when one hand is busy.

Available now, the new range includes three sizes: six litres (RRP $469.95); eight litres (RRP $529.95); and ten litres (RRP $549.95).