Jabra has introduced a suite of updates to its latest Elite wireless earbuds, the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10.

The initial updates, available in January, include an easy-to-use on/off toggle for Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), HearThrough, and Sidetone features, as well as new voice tone prompts. This enables enhanced interaction and empowers users to tailor their earbuds. Users can also customise the device name of their earbuds.

By March, users can expect an optimisation for Elite 10 call clarity for busy environments. Jabra’s latest noise suppression algorithms are designed to identify and diminish background voices.

Jabra’s improvements on the Adaptive ANC on Elite 8 Active paired with HearThrough will be more effective in windy conditions thanks to upgraded wind noise detection technology.

Jabra head of consumer products, Ehtisham Rabbani said, “Our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We actively listen to market feedback, which fuels our drive to continuously enhance user experiences. We deliver ongoing improvements throughout the lifespan of our products, so that our users always experience the best of Jabra.”

These updates will be available via the Sound+ app to both existing and new users via an over-the-air update at no cost.