By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Fresh from taking the chequered flag at the Qatar Grand Prix, Valentino Rossi has done the only sensible thing: he’s put his name on a new Gateway netbook sold through The Good Guys.

The model is the Gateway VR46.Whislt the VR is an obvious product code pick, the 46 is a little more obscure. Rossi rides under the number 46 because that was the number of Japanese rider Norifuma Abe, who was tragically killed in a traffic accident. It was only later that Rossi discovered 46 was the number his father Graziano Rossi rode under.

To offer Rossi fans the full treatment, the cover of the VR46 has been doctored to include The Doctor’s Sun and Crescent Moon motifs.

Describing the performance and features of the VR46 is Gateway general manager Nigel Gore.

“This 11.6-inch netbook is less than one inch wide and weighs just 1.4 kg. You will always be connected with your friends on the go thanks to the Wireless draft N Technology, Bluetooth 2.1, VGA webcam and a built in microphone,” Gore said.

“Despite its small size, the VR46 features a full sized keyboard and multi gestured touchpad, so you can navigate your PC with the agility of a motorcycle.”

It is unknown if this new netbook will spark a run on MotoGP stars lending their support to computer brands, but has come up with the following ideas: Dani Pedracer, Casus Stoner, Andrea Dellvizioso and Loris H’Pirossi.

The new Gateway VR46 is available from The Good Guys and authorised resellers for RRP $1,199.