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Design and style

Smeg’s SmartSense range gives customers the ability to choose from a wide range of configurations. SmartSense is available in traditional black ceramic glass, with two Surface Share zones, plus one, two or three additional induction zones. These cooktops feature indicative serigraphy on the surface.

SmartSense Plus cooktops do not feature serigraphy, so when not in use, the beautifully clean ceramic glass surface melds seamlessly into the benchtop. SmartSense Plus is also available in pure white – a perfect complement to modern finishes like marble or polished concrete.

Smeg’s Induction technology

The first notable innovation in Smeg’s new induction range is the shape and size of the inductors. Smeg’s SmartSense inductors are rectangular in shape rather than round or oval as found in many other induction cooktops. With Smeg induction, the whole Surface Share area is usable right to the edge, without any cold spots.

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Surface Share, Smeg’s bridging technology, allows you to combine areas of your cooktop and operate these with a single control. As with professional cooking you can use pans of different shapes – long, large, irregular or rectangular; and any number of pans on the shared surface performing at the same temperature.

Smeg’s SmartSense Plus range has either double or triple Surface Share zones. SmartSense Plus also features Active Surface Control which automatically illuminates the relevant power control, so no matter where on the surface the pan is placed, the corresponding control reveals itself, taking the guesswork out of which control is operating which zone – ingenious!


Power and precision

Smeg SmartSense cooktops feature the most powerful technology available with a double boost of 3700W, delivering instantaneous heat if you need, for example, to quickly boil water for pasta. If this is too much, you can also select a single boost of 2300–2600W to deliver instant heat, for example, to a stir-fry. Induction can also heat very gently, similar to cooking in a bain marie, so you can melt chocolate or slow cook without fear of burning or sticking.

Absolute control is possible with a simple touch or swipe of a finger across the 1 to 9 power levels and beyond to boost or double boost.

Many popular dishes like sauces and custards are prone to splitting or scrambling if they’re not watched diligently. SmartSense induction is so responsive some of the more difficult cooking recipes and techniques suddenly become easy.

There are three Preset Temperatures to take the guesswork out of cooking – keep warm at 42°C for poaching or delicate sauces; simmer at 70°C for a consistent bubble which won’t get hotter and risk food sticking or burning on the bottom; and rolling boil at 94°C designed not to boil over. Automatic stop-cook timers can ensure you never overcook anything again.

See the full range of Smeg’s SmartSense induction cooktops.

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