ILVE S.p.A. has confirmed that it will establish its own subsidiary in Australia in 2024, following the announcement that Eurolinx will no longer be the ANZ distributor of ILVE products, effective 1 January 2024.

In a statement shared with Appliance Retailer, the board of ILVE S.p.A. said, “The ILVE brand is synonymous with functionality and performance, conveying all the Made in Italy values in the Australian market and around the world. ILVE’s brand awareness is a consolidated heritage and a trademark for distinctive manufacturing, which combines quality and design.

“We want to thank Eurolinx for 35 years of common commitment and wish them the best for the continuation of their activity after our collaboration ends on 31 December 2023.

“ILVE will keep agreements in place in the following months and from January 2024, will implement actions to consolidate, develop and make its own presence in the Australian and New Zealand markets with the same determination that sees ILVE as the protagonist of important distribution choices in North America and some European markets.”

ILVE S.p.A. owner, Alberto Illoti visited Australia earlier this year. In an exclusive interview with Appliance Retailer, he said, “Although we are a small manufacturing company, we are also global – operating in many countries. We remain focused on cooking products, but we may be looking into some other products potentially in the future.

“Today we want to be stronger in our specialist position of cooking. The ILVE brand is strong, especially within the high-end cooking market and we are noticing that operating within the premium end of the market is giving us an advantage.

“We are a premium brand in premium locations with the best retailers and we are committed to reinforcing our position in the category. The brand reflects the passion and efforts we have made in manufacturing and developing products.”

At the time, Illoti also confirmed that ILVE is preparing to launch a number of new products in April 2024 at the EuroCucina exhibition in Milan.

“We are working on products featuring pyrolytic technology – as we want to provide more functionality to the product. Cooking is important, but cleaning is important as well. However, in today’s world – is pyrolytic cleaning the best way to clean the product due to the use of energy and importance of sustainability? Pyrolytic cleaning is effective, but it would be good to find another way. Is this possible?”