Eurolinx has advised that it will no longer be the Australian and New Zealand distributor for ILVE products, effective 1 January 2024, after a partnership spanning 35 years.

In a letter to its partners shared with Appliance Retailer, the Colbert family – owners of the Eurolinx business – said, “We are writing to share a significant change concerning our business relationship with ILVE. After 35 years of a strong and productive collaboration, Eurolinx will no longer be the Australian and New Zealand distributor for ILVE products effective 1st January 2024.

“When we consider the journey we’ve had with ILVE, it’s impossible not to reflect on the significant milestones. It was our dad, Damien Colbert who, 35 years ago, initiated our partnership with ILVE, successfully establishing it as one of the most premium and revered brands in Australia.

“Eurolinx established ILVE as one of the first premium brands in the Australian market, setting high standards for quality and innovation. Eurolinx’s commitment to excellence has been unwavering, thanks in no small part to the dedicated support from our partners and customers. Our collaboration with ILVE has seen Eurolinx invest millions of dollars into the ILVE brand, our people and our partners resulting in the respected brand ILVE is today.

“Over these nearly four decades, we’ve been privileged to cultivate fantastic trade partnerships in the ANZ market who we consider the world’s best retailers. To our commercial trade partners who have stood alongside us, your contribution has been indispensable. Your commitment, understanding, and work ethic have indeed made a difference, and we’re deeply grateful for the trust you’ve placed in Eurolinx and ILVE over the years.

“We understand that changes of this magnitude bring about questions and potential concerns. In the coming days and weeks, our senior management team will engage in discussions to clarify any uncertainties and guide the transition moving forward. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that this shift is as seamless as possible.

“As we pivot and look to the future, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our invaluable staff. Their dedication, expertise, and hard work have been instrumental in every success we’ve achieved. As we transition, our foremost priority is to ensure that our team is well supported and taken care of. They are the heart of Eurolinx, and we are deeply committed to their wellbeing.

“Eurolinx has invested significant time, resources and dollars to establish the ILVE brand in the Australian and New Zealand market. Our team intends to continue this investment in the industry through an increased focus on our other brands and via new pathways of growth that will help us continue our legacy of delivering excellence in kitchen appliances. We look forward to sharing these exciting developments with our partners and the industry in the near future.

“We would like to take this opportunity to wish Alberto Illotti and ILVE great success with the brand and this new chapter. 2023 has seen Eurolinx achieve record agency sales results for the ILVE brand in the Australian market. We are proud of the legacy that we are handing over.

“Our journey with ILVE might be concluding, but our commitment to our partners, staff, and the Australian market remains as strong as ever.

“Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our retailers and commercial partners for this partnership over these remarkable 35 years. Your support has been invaluable.”