By James Wells

ALICE SPRINGS; Retravision Western marketing manager, Craig Larkin, raised the contentious issue of franchise agreements during his keynote address to delegates at the group’s annual seminar yesterday and labelled them as "a scary thing" for some dealers.

“Franchise agreements allow us to create an environment to have discipline, alignment and allows us to measure and grow ongoing business success. This is an important tool for our business as a franchise to move forward. It is a work in progress, and we have made a start.”

Larkin said he hopes to report on the progress of franchise agreements at next year’s conference.

“If in our business we can get 70 per cent of everything right, we can set about achieving 100 per cent. You will never achieve 100 per cent, but the important thing is that we have a go and we have a crack and we get on with it.

Larkin said that Retravision Western has engaged a branding expert and plans to make a presentation to the board in June.

“It is a challenge and we need to make decision on how we move forward and I am confident that we are up for that challenge.

“The brand is the next big challenge and how do we take one brand to the market consistently from 200 square metres to 3,000 square metres.”