The Global Cooksafe Coalition (GCC) has welcomed the announcement from IKEA Netherlands to sell only induction cooktops in Holland from January 2024. 

IKEA Netherlands sustainability business partner, Liselotte van Dijk said, “IKEA Netherlands wants to contribute to a more sustainable life at home and the sale of gas hobs does not fit in with that. By only offering induction hobs, we want to stimulate the market and consumers to switch to electric cooking.”

GCC Australian program manager, Virginia Jones said, “This announcement from IKEA is an important step in the right direction for cooktop retailers. Induction cooking is safer for our health and the climate and is a far superior cooking experience for commercial and home cooks. We expect this is the first of many such commitments from the big cooktop retailers and brands.”

Green Building Council of Australia CEO, Davina Rooney said that we are in the early phase of a transition with manufacturing.

“Six years ago, we started to hear commitments from car manufacturers to go all electric, it’s interesting that we are now seeing the first announcement about kitchen appliances from IKEA Netherlands. While many car manufacturers have now committed to phase out dates for petrol cars, this announcement is the first sign of this in the cooking space. The future is electric so it’s fantastic to see a major brand like IKEA taking a bold step in the right direction.”

Leading chefs including Neil Perry and Victor Liong, cook their dishes from stir fry to steak on electric appliances.

“I have been cooking on induction in my restaurants for over 20 years and have been thrilled with not only the performance but also the health benefits – it’s so much cooler and I know I’m not breathing in toxic chemicals while I cook,” Perry said.

“I’ve also got an induction cooktop at home. It’s faster and more precise than my old gas cooktop and much easier to clean. Induction is a massive upgrade for home cooks. Anything that makes it easier to get dinner on the table and is safer for our families is a win-win.”