By James Wells

SYDNEY: Retravision New South Wales will receive a boost next month with the opening of a new electrical superstore by long-serving shareholder, George Rabie.

Two stores trading as Little & Rabie will be closed with staff and stock moved to new premises at 69 York Road which will be open in the middle of August.

The 450 square metre St Marys store, located at 106 Queen Street closed on Sunday 23 July and the current 550 square metre Penrith store located at 407 High Street, is expected to close by mid August.

Rabie told, the new 1,500 square metre superstore, located on the corner of York Road and Batt Street in South Penrith will open in the middle of August and will take a couple of weeks to reach full stock levels.

The new store will feature a much larger range of major kitchen appliances as well as a large information technology area.

“We have to grow and be relevant to our customers. We have been in Penrith for 33 years serving the community. My kids were born and bred in Penrith and now it is a family business with my son coming in and taking over,” Rabie said.

Benjamin Rabie, who previously managed the St Marys store will help manage the new superstore with his father. An additional four sales staff have been employed at the superstore in addition to the staff accumulated from the two smaller stores.

Rabie’s advice to other smaller independent stores competing with larger retailers is straight forward.

“Some want to grow and some want to go. I don’t want to start working for someone else. You need to start understanding your market and develop your business accordingly. We have been competing with the [larger retailers] for some time. Now we are going to give them a run for their money.”