With accompanying Q-rator app.

Samsung launched its revolutionary front load washing machine, QuickDrive, to the Australian market earlier this year, and at IFA in Berlin, Samsung Electronics Australia director of home appliances, Jeremy Senior explained why it’s a game-changer in the laundry category.

“QuickDrive is a really important innovation for us in laundry. Over the last few years, we have continued to innovate in washing machines with our Active DualWash top load washer and our AddWash door on our front load washers,” Senior said.

“Now, with QuickDrive, consumers can do a full wash in up to half the time and as a result, they save energy and time. Other key components when washing are water temperature, detergent and motion.

“Normally with a front load washer, the load moves to the top and is dropped to the bottom to create the disturbance in the water that cleans the washing. By having the back plate move independtly of the drum, you have the water move from front to back for even more disturbance, which creates a faster cleaning cycle.

“From an artificial intelligence perspective, we continue to make our devices smarter and make consumers lives easier.

“Consumers find alerts, to say their washing machine is finished, useful but it isn’t really compelling. With the Q-rator app, our consumers can see the benefit of having their washing machine connected to the internet. Using the app, consumers can identify what type of wash cycle is most suited to their laundry load based on clothing type and soil level.

“Additionally, the app allows users to look at hygience factors such as the cleanliness of the filter and energy consumption.

“When we talk about the connected home, from a future statement point of view, users will be able to schedule when they want the machine to start or finish a cycle. The machine could integrate with energy providers so the washing is done in off-peak times moving forward.

“The Q-rator app has the potential to become much more multi-faceted and easier to use with step by step guides.

“We know the mechanical engineering is an important facet for these types of devices – consumers want to know their washing machine will wash their clothes well in a timely fashion and QuickDrive gives us that story. We also recognise that from Samsung DNA perspective that our consumers expect more. They expect state-of-the art technology that is ahead of the curve and with the Q-rator app, I believe we are bringing meaningful solutions to consumers.

“Design is also becoming more important for washing machines and we are now matching our washing machines with our dryers due to customer demand, whether they sit stacked on top of one another or side by side. Our machines are now rolling out in black stainless steel with a new interface panel.”