Thanks to interchangeable battery.

Bosch has addressed a major pain point with cordless vacuum cleaners – battery runtime – with its latest vacuum cleaner, Unlimited, due to launch in the Australian market in 2018.

When used at normal power level with a floor nozzle, the new cordless vacuum cleaner has sufficient battery life for a quick clean of an apartment or car. Using Bosch’s battery system, already tried and tested in the company’s tools and garden appliances, the 18-V Power for ALL system.

This means that if the vacuum cleaner’s battery is empty, the second battery (supplied with the Premium version) or the battery from another Bosch appliance can be quickly and simply inserted. The separate rapid charging station recharges the replaceable battery almost as fast as the battery life is consumed during vacuuming.

Furthermore, the Unlimited vacuum offers a lightweight, compact body and dynamic shape ideal for vacuuming under the table, in the car or between sofa cushions. The long, flexible nozzle can be attached to the hose to clean high ceilings and inaccessible corners.

It also equipped with a rapid-rotation DigitalSpin motor and practical floor nozzle for thorough floor cleaning. The TwinBrush brush attachment with hard and soft bristles can be used for both hard floors and carpets.