By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: As the online space gains more traction in the industry, retailers should increase their presence in social media networks, according to chief executive, Paul Marshall.

Speaking with after yesterday’s launch of the retail site’s new iPad application, Marshall said the sharing aspect of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is important in getting retail information to consumers.

“Taking the iPad, one of the key activities is social media and we are very strong in ensuring that retailer’s content, their marketing content, can be shared.

“Whether Tweeted, posted on Facebook, or emailed, if it's user supplied then it’s helpful to retailers.

“We think the iPad will just accelerate that.”

Regardless of what device consumers are using, Marshall believes it’s the attached applications that will ultimately prove successful for retailers.

“While the device is nice and sexy, it’s about the applications.

“The Lasoo application is one that everybody can get use out of.”