Exclusive technology delivers ‘handmade’ espresso at home

The global leadership team of Jura Elektroapparate AG arrived in Melbourne this week not only to supporttheir brand ambassador Roger Federer in the Australian Open, but to participate in the launch of the new JURA Z6 automatic specialty coffee machine.

Jura global CEO Emanuel Probst, head of Marketing Services Michael Wegnueller, head of Technical Support, Peter Von Roh and export manager, Eveline Fink were joined by around 100 retail guests at the Carousel on Melbourne’s Albert Lake on Wednesday, a warm January evening.

Here they unveiled the Z6, which has spent around five years in development and, as a result is packed with such state-of–the art functionality and high end finish which Probst believes maintains Jura’s reputation as the ‘Rolex of coffee machines’ (Forbes 2011).


The primary innovation is Jura’s patented  Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) (c) brewing system which the company says “only exists in coffee made by the most skilled barista.”

 During the P.E.P brewing process, the water is precisely pulsed through the finely ground coffee at short intervals. This gives the aromas significantly more time to develop, allowing the maximum flavour to be teased out of the fresh beans, resulting in a perfectly full-bodied and intense espresso or ristretto.

 The intuitive JURA Z6 also features designs such as a water tank and bean container that can be removed from the front of the machine for refill.

The Rotary Switch and TFT display make the machine easy to operate. This is also the first model to allow all specialties to be individually programmed, renamed and duplicated.

The machine itself can store up to 21 variations and by downloading the Jura Coffee App multiple variations can be created.

The design aesthetic is focused on characteristic clean lines and the machine is encased in a curved aluminium front and top.

.This design enables the Z6 to be easily maintained. Claris water filters provide optimum water quality for the best coffee continually and also protect the fluid system against lime scale.

To optimise this,the Z6 automatically detects the presence of the Claris Smart filter cartridge, which is equipped with RFID technology.

The integrated rinsing and cleaning programs guarantee TUV-certified hygiene. And, the milk cleaning function, which is started at the touch of a button, is easier and more intuitive than ever before.