By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Although 2009 has been a successful year for Samsung Whitegoods, 2010 will see a significant investment in product and promotion as the Korean supplier seeks to firmly establish itself as a kitchen, laundry and air conditioner specialist.

In an exclusive interview with, group senior product manager, whitegoods, Mike Lilly said that growth in home appliances was a major focus of Samsung, with his side of the business looking to catch up to the runaway success of Samsung’s audio visual categories.

“It’s [been] a very positive year for Samsung, we grew significantly through the year,” Lilly said. “The main areas for growth came from refrigerator and air conditioning, and towards the second half of the year, certainly washing machines, in particular, front loading.”

Lilly said the 2010 focus will be on air conditioning, refrigeration and washing machines. Then, in the second half of the year, Samsung will make a considerable charge into the cooking categories.

In refrigeration, the key products will be top mount and French Door fridges; in air conditioning, the focus is on top load and front load washers.

“There’s still a lot of potential in the economy, it’s a lot linked into the housing industry, so if that fires, then it’s also a big help for us, but the Aussie dollar’s pretty strong, so all competition is going to improve and increase over 2010, so there’ll be a lot more activity in the market,” said Lilly.

Lilly said that whilst Samsung whitegoods distribution channel was extensive, it was not yet comprehensive. This may change in the new year, with the supplier expecting to invest heavily in its first above the line whitegoods marketing campaign.

“We’re not in every store but we’ve got pretty extensive coverage. We’re always looking at distribution, so if opportunities present themselves we’ll certainly look at them favourably.”