Panasonic has announced its first fully wireless home theatre system, the SC-ZT1. The company claims it is the perfect companion to its flagship new Viera Z1 plasma TV.

Ian North, product manager, Hi-Fi systems, Panasonic Australia, was very enthusiastic about this new wireless system.

“With the SC-ZT1, your listening area can remain clean and uncluttered. The system produces sound in a parallel configuration, so it is crisp and clear with minimal reflected sound from the ceiling or the floor,” he said.

The SC-ZT1 debuts Panasonic’s Sound Slim Speakers which are engineered by arranging four speakers vertically inside a slim pole to achieve a parallel sound system. North commented that this creates a lifelike virtual 7.1 sound.

North also emphasised that it is now possible for consumers to create a completely wireless cinema experience in the home by combining the home theatre system with an ultra-slim wireless Viera Z1 series plasma TV and a Blu-ray player or recorder.

“You can now have a totally wireless, Full HD home cinema experience where both images and sound are transmitted without cables,” he said.

In addition to this Panasonic is also set to release its new Blu-ray home theatre system as well as four new models in its DVD range.

The SC-ZT1 wireless package will be available in August and the price is yet to be confirmed, while the SC-BT207W Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre System will RRP for $1,869 in July.

The DVD home theatre systems will be available in May and range from RRP $439 to $1,209.