By James Wells

SYDNEY: Philips Consumer Electronics Australia has appointed 31 year-old Matt Moran as general manager, replacing Harry Van Dyk who has been promoted to run the company’s medical business.

New Zealand-born Moran joined the Australian office in February 2005 in the role of sales and marketing manager, replacing Amanda Hart, who went on maternity leave. Following Moran’s promotion, Hart has returned as marketing manager after recently performing an interim role as human resources manager.

“It’s a step up and certainly a good challenge,” Moran told

“It is truly an honour to take over at the helm of Philips Consumer Electronics. It is a well established and dynamic business with committed people, a strong product portfolio and the best retail partners.

“It is a very competitive market in Australia so we are looking to differentiate ourselves as a brand by adding value and working closely with retailers. There is too much focus on product and price, rather than features and benefits,” Moran said.

“The key for me is our new technologies which are unique – Pixel Plus 3 HD, Ambilight Full Surround and ClearLCD in television and the Wireless Music Centre in audio.

“While there are both major challenges and challengers in the consumer electronics space, I truly believe that we have the products, technology and know-how to stand out in the marketplace by delivering differentiated and technologically advanced products which are easy to experience. We must continue to ensure that Philips is the best consumer electronics company for retailers and suppliers to do business with.”

“In my time as sales and marketing manager, I spent as much time in the trade as possible and I am looking forward to spending even more time with our trade partners,” Moran said.

Moran joined Philips in Auckland in 1996 straight after graduating from a marketing degree and was then relocated to work for Philips UK for four and a half years.

During his time in the UK, Moran was marketing manager for DVD and set top boxes and oversaw the launch of DVD recorder. He also integrated the company’s cordless phone business into the consumer electronics division through work with Dixons, Comet and Argos. His final two years in the UK were spent as senior business manager for television, where prior to Moran’s departure, the domestic consumer watched 25 hours per week of television and over 80 per cent of households owned widescreen sets.

Moran will report to the man who first employed him in 1996 – Errol McKenzie – who is Philips cluster director for Australia, Middle East, Dubai, Pakistan, South Africa and New Zealand.

Van Dyk said Moran has the appropriate skills for the new position.

“The good thing about Matt is that he has spent time in the UK market where we are very successful in a highly competitive market. He obtained a lot of experience in category management through the major retailers, van Dyk said.

“Even though I don’t own as many horses as he does, I am a bit like Gerry Harvey. I am a fundamental believer that by changing the players you often get a different and better result.

“Matt is very competitive by nature and he moves very quickly. He is very outcome oriented and people who have worked with him in a retail arena find him to be a very good decision maker.”