By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Sony has received close to 40 reports from consumers affected by the recent recall of 350,000 Cyber Shot DSC-T5 digital still cameras, with some consumers stating they have received cuts and other minor injuries caused by a faulty metal casing.

Sony issued the worldwide recall after it was found that slight warping of the bottom plating of the camera could potentially cause lacerations if direct skin contact is made.

“Due to an irregularity during the initial part production, the adhesive strength of the metal casing deteriorated. As a result, there is a slight possibility that damage to the bottom casing could cause the metal plating to peel and warp outwards,” said Sony in a statement on its website.

The reports have led to Sony deciding to offer a free replacement plating all DSC-T5 Cyber Shot cameras with the serial number range of 5385951 – 5452900.

Any affected consumers are suggested to call 1300 137 669 for further information on how to arranged a free replacement casing.