By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Italian coffee specialists Saeco is currently celebrating a Silver anniversary, with 2010 marking the 25th year since the company introduced what it claims was the world’s first fully automatic espresso machine.

“Tweny-five years ago, Saeco invented the first fully automated espresso coffee machine, making it possible for coffee lovers to enjoy an indulgent Italian espresso in the comfort of home with the simple push of a button for the first time ever,” said a Saeco spokesperson.

One quarter of a century later, Saeco is currently promoting two new espresso machines and a dedicated milk frother. Some of the technology incorporated into these machines was barely invented when that first machine went on sale in 1985.

The high-end Saeco Xelsis (RRP $3,299) is available in all steel, or in black or white metal. It has a multi-user and multi-beverage interface, integrated milk carafe, 1.6-litre water tank capacity and a 15-bar pressure pump.

Also in Saeco’s fully automatic range is the Syntia (RRP $1,499). This model features an in-built ceramic grinder, programmable volume control, 15-bar pressure pump, 250-gram bean container and a stainless steel pannarello for milk frothing.

Brand new to the Saeco range is the Lattemento milk frother.

“The Lattemento creates perfect frothed milk for cappuccinos or lattes or even hot chocolate in minutes. It works alongside all coffee machines uniting pure, elegant design with simplicity. It even enhances the experience for instant coffee lovers,” said the spokesperson.

The Lattemento is RRP $149.