By Patrick Avenell

IXL Appliances has released details of its latest cooling products. The release is timed to coincide with the gradual warming of spring and the lead up to summer.

The latest cooling range consists of a variety of evaporative coolers, and a selection of fans including tower, pedestal, ceiling and floor fans. IXL reports that the products have been designed to “compliment…any modern home or office”.

For the environmentally conscious users, IXL is promoting low energy use through its “state-of-the-art technology”. Additionally, the new range of coolers incorporate oscillation options and remote control functions.

Talking about the latest releases is Sampford IXL brand manager Roslyn Hartland.

“With such an array of models and styles, IXL have (sic) a custom-made cooling system for every kind of modern living space,” said Hartland. “These cooling systems are especially suitable for some of Australia’s driest areas during the summer season."

The new models of evaporative coolers include the Glacier Maxi (RRP $199), the Blizzard Ice (RRP $289), the Blizzard Elite (RRP $299) and the Blizzard Elite Maxi (RRP $299).

IXL’s two new tower fans are the Frio (RRP $149) and the Eureka (RRP $149).

“This new collection of coolers is the most functional and stylish range to date,” said Sampford IXL CEO Malcolm Owens. “Our designers have successfully integrated innovative features with modern design trends to come up with a range of coolers that provide customers with outstanding choice and top quality comfort.”