By offering a blend of timeless elegance and ultra-modern functionality across three finishes.

The Franke Masterpiece Collection, featuring the brand’s revolutionary FINOX technology, offers a blend of timeless elegance and ultra-modern functionality. Available in three finishes – Anthracite, Copper, and Gold – the colour options create a kitchen that is unique and expressive.

How does FINOX technology enhance the kitchen experience?

  1. Easy to clean and dry: The hydrophobic and oleophobic nature of the surfaces ensures any water or oil rolls off. This makes cleaning as simple as a swift wipe, leaving the sink spotless and dry in no time.
  • Exceptional durability: Engineered for longevity, the supreme quality of materials and exacting manufacturing standards means that kitchens radiate sophistication for years to come.
  • Heat resistant: Designed to withstand any water temperature, pour boiling water straight into the sink and rest assured that its quality and appearance will remain unaffected.
  • Anti-fingerprint technology: To keep the sink free from unsightly fingerprints, the anti-fingerprint technology helps maintain shine, enhancing the overall kitchen aesthetic while reducing cleaning time.

The Franke Masterpiece Collection is more than just a sink. It’s a transformation and revolution in the kitchen that turns everyday routines into luxurious experiences.