By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Philips has released three new noise cancelling audio products. Two are in-ear buds, whilst the third is in the more traditional over the head headphone style.

This is the SHN2600 (RRP $79). Philips reports these buds have 75 per cent reduction of external noise.

The SHN4600 (RRP $99) has 85 per cent external noise reduction.

The mighty SHN5600 has 85 per cent external noise reduction. This unit is RRP $129.

Here's what Philips marketing manager Kevin Egan had to say about the new range:

“Philips’ new range of noise-cancelling headphones utilise cutting-edge technology and superior design to deliver an uninterrupted and comfortable listening experience, regardless of your surroundings,” he said.

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