By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Smeg has revealed a new range of high-end ovens and cooktops, designed by renowned Australian designer Marc Newson, at the recent EuroCucina kitchen appliance and design show in Milan.

Both the ovens and cooktops follow Newson’s established smooth and minimalist design patterns, with strong circular themes on the cooktops, and follow a recent trend to include colour options – all bar the IH cooktops can be ordered in either stainless steel or a choice of eight chromatic enamel finishes, which include pale blue, bright orange, yellow, cream/off white and black.

However, despite their finished appearance, an Omega Appliances spokesperson said the cooktops, available in gas, ceramic and IH, are prototypes and thus will not be available worldwide until the second half of next year.

In an interview with the Italian DomusWeb interior design website, Newson said the use of enamels allowed a durable colour finish and enamel was part of Smeg’s history.

“What I identify with in these products, is the fact that there are a lot of things that relate to the past … materials and finishes you don’t see that often in these kinds of appliances on the market … also coloured appliances, but more importantly than the colour is the enamel, it’s not paint. Enamel is part of the core business and history of Smeg,” he said.

Newson also revealed in an interview with Time magazine in 2007 that he was also working on refrigerators for the company, but these were not revealed at the show. It is understood these will be revealed at a later date as part of a gradual roll out.

Smeg has already flagged a long-term continuation of the relationship, with vice president Vittorio Bertazzoni saying Newson was “not only an excellent designer but also a true artist.”

Newson is the first non-Italian first designer to work for Smeg.

“My objective is to work with the best company in every sector and I work with Smeg for this reason. We have established a good relationship and I look forward to continuing this collaboration,” said Newson.

Omega Appliances general manager, Andrew Cronin, said, “The fact that Marc is an Australian who is globally acknowledged as being one of the most accomplished and influential designers of his generation only heightens the sense of anticipation and achievement for this new range.”

The full DomusWeb video interview with Newson, which also showcases his product designs, is available here. The interview link is halfway down the left-hand window.