Euromaid has released an all-new range of 60cm and 90cm ovens into selected Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne stores around the country.

“Euromaid is a brand focused on delivering quality and value for money. With the new range we’ve maintained that price positioning to ensure it’s relevant, but we step into new territory with more premium features. Most notably, the inclusion of new technology such as Air Fry and our new 90cm by 60cm format,” Glen Dimplex head of product, Joel Galea said.

60cm range

“Our entry level 60cm 5-function built-in oven is available in stainless steel (pictured below). We understand that dark stainless and black glass is on trend, but we wanted customers to still have the option of regular stainless steel for a value-driven product. It’s also easier to pair with an entry level stainless steel cooktop. In addition to five functions, the oven includes a mechanical timer for a classic look, as well as a huge 92 litre capacity.

“The next model in the range is the 60cm 5-function built-in oven in dark stainless. The dark stainless is a first for Euromaid and something we knew we were going to offer from the outset. Other brands have adopted it either across the entire range or as an addition. However, we don’t see dark stainless as a premium on its own, so we’ve included other premium features to justify the price increase – we’re not just offering the same product in a different finish. There are five functions with the addition of a fully programmable digital timer and soft close door.

“The next model is the 60cm 10-function built-in oven in dark stainless with the addition of Easy Steam (steam assisted cooking function) and Air Fry, with the latter being new for Euromaid. It also has fully extendable telescopic rails.

“The flagship 60cm 17-function built-in oven in dark stainless (pictured above) incorporates Smart Touch – which means everything is accessed through the touch screen interface including function, temperature and time – which is a big step up for us. We’ve had touch control in the past but not as intuitive as this offering. There are 17 functions in total including Air Fry, Easy Steam, Fan Force and Pyro Clean – which is a flagship feature but at a great value price,” Galea said.

90cm range

Previously Euromaid had one 90cm oven in the range but recognising growth in the 90cm segment, the offering has been expanded to three models, offering class-leading 148 litre gross capacity and 133 litre net capacity.

“The entry level 90cm 10-function built-in oven in stainless steel has 10 functions, including Easy Steam. Instead of having one large baking tray, we’ve developed two trays, making them dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning. We’ve also included fully extendable telescopic rails, so we’ve packed a lot of features into it, but the price point was a key focus and at $1,399, we believe it’s a compelling offer,” Galea said.

Joel Galea showing the interior of the 90cm oven.

“Stepping up into the next model, the 90cm 16-function built-in oven, it offers similar functionality with the exception of Pyro Clean to keep the price point as value driven as possible and provide a good central point between the entry and top of the range model. It includes an air fry basket and split baking trays, as well as a braided seal, which is commonly reserved for pyrolytic ovens, but we’ve included it for added durability.

“The flagship 90cm 17-function built-in oven offers the same specifications with the addition of Pyro Clean. It incorporates pyrolytic enamel throughout which is applied to all enamel finishes. With the price point we’ve set, it’s extremely competitive. There’s already been a lot of interest as it’s something quite unique.”

Brand new internal cavity

Euromaid has worked with a different manufacturer to its previous range to produce a completely new internal cavity design.

“We’ve been working on this new platform for about five years now and the manufacturer is exclusive to us for Australia, which means we can provide them with relevant market feedback,” Galea said.

“The idea was to make the cavity as large as possible without compromising on the dimensions and keeping a consistent profile for the control panels. For example, the baking trays are larger than our previous models and some of our competitors.

“The manufacturing process for the cavity is fully automated, which is a new technology for our manufacturer. Its fully machine welded to provide a completely sealed cavity. In previous models, it’s been welded together but even after the cavity is enamelled, there’s gaps where air can flow out.

“By being fully sealed, the air is retained inside which improves heat up time, heat and moisture retention, and delivers better results overall. The 92 litre capacity is the big-ticket feature here – 81 litres net capacity or usable space – which is larger than some competitor brands’ gross capacity. It’s a market leader in this space and a feature that we’re excited to bring to market.”

Five-year warranty via product registration

On 1 July 2023, Euromaid introduced a five-year warranty across the Euromaid range.

“Customers receive the standard two years manufacturer’s warranty but when they register their product online, the warranty is extended by a further three years. The registration helps us obtain customer information that becomes helpful if the customer experiences any issues because we can help them diagnose and fix the issue much faster.”

Giving customers more

The key call out is Euromaid ‘gives you more’ which is about value, features and performance at an accessible price point.

“We know that especially in the current economic climate, having a great value product, where customers have the option to get the features they want without spending more than they can – or want to. We are emphasising that and using it as a strength to sell the range,” Galea said.

“It’s always been a core fundamental for Euromaid, but we’ve renewed that focus. As a brand, we’re not trying to be something that we’re not. We worked exclusively with Harvey Norman on this range, and we know where the brand fits into the environment so we’re cementing that while driving our own message.

“We haven’t tried to cut corners or do anything to undervalue the products. Even in the most entry product, we’ve tried to add as many features and as much value as possible. We wanted the range to look good and for customers to see it as an aspirational choice – to be impressed and excited by the price.

“Even though it’s early days, we know the entry models will be our best-selling models but we’re confident that there’ll be a good opportunity to step up. We know when people can see those features being added, they are willing to trade up to get more value. We’re confident it’s good value to sell through the range.

“We’re excited for the new range to be launched because it’s been something that every area of the business has been involved in. We’ve worked hand in hand listening to the market and working with Harvey Norman to develop the range to ensure that it succeeds.”

Feature image: Glen Dimplex team – Joel Galea, Beverley Connor & Michael Beard.