To executive director.

e&s has promoted Greg Lake to the position of executive director, following his 15 year tenure in the role of general manager. He is now responsible for the recruitment of a new GM, which is currently underway.

In addition to overseeing the soon to be appointed GM, Lake will also be responsible for the planning, development, implementation and bedding down of new business opportunities.

In an internal company letter that was also shared with Appliance Retailer, e&s directors, Rob and Mike Sinclair said, “Greg has been, and continues to be, a highly trusted manager of our people and our business, and a person that the Sinclair family entrusts to oversee the running of our business on a daily basis.”

The letter continued, “We have had to constantly review and restructure our management team to enable us to grow in a well-managed and financially sound way. We also have to look at our succession planning to ensure stability and strength in our team.

“As a family business, we look at all opportunities in a balanced way to ensure that all of our employees have ongoing security, our suppliers enjoy consistent growth and that the e&s brand remains true to its roots and to our customers for decades to come.

“We wish Greg every success in his new role and look forward with enthusiasm to the next phase of our business growth.”