The Electrolux Crossroads warehouse in Sydney has returned to its usual capacity and three The Good Guys stores in Canberra have re-opened for trade, after receiving clearance from the Department of Agriculture.

“The Crossroads warehouse has been up and running since the fumigation was completed and is at usual operational capacity. We have wound down the temporary facility and transferred the stock to Crossroads,” an Electrolux spokesperson told Appliance Retailer.

“All three of The Good Guys Canberra locations have received Clearance from the Department of Agriculture and are open for trade,” The Good Guys Media Enquiries Team told Appliance Retailer.

Last month, the Electrolux warehouse and The Good Guys stores were closed by Australian Border Security following the potential outbreak of the Khapra Beetle, which was estimated to cost the Australian economy up to $15.5 billion.

The beetle was found in the packaging of Westinghouse refrigerators shipped from Thailand which were subsequently delivered to retailers. All packaging was accounted for and inspected.

The Good Guys and Winning Group were also forced to temporarily close their Sydney distribution centres for approximately one week.

During the closure of its Crossroads warehouse, Electrolux established a temporary distribution centre to keep supply to its retail partners.

“While we are still no clearer on the origin of the beetle, we have made significant steps to minimise disruption in this very unfortunate situation by maintaining clear and timely communications to all parties,” an Electrolux spokesperson told Appliance Retailer at the time.