Electrolux Home Products has now confirmed that fumigation has commenced at its Crossroads warehouse in Sydney with Government agencies in attendance, over a week since an initial outbreak of the destructive Khapra Beetle.

“The Crossroads warehouse will be operational tomorrow and back to business as usual from next week,” an Electrolux spokesperson told Appliance Retailer this afternoon (Wednesday).

“The great work with the Australian Government and our retailers has enabled this outcome as well as the creation of a temporary distribution centre to ensure we keep supply to our retail partners,” the spokesperson said on Tuesday evening.

“We will begin invoicing from tomorrow morning at this facility. While we are still no clearer on the origin of the beetle, we have made significant steps to minimise disruption in this very unfortunate situation by maintaining clear and timely communications to all parties.”

“The establishment of the temporary warehouse has been a great success with orders beginning to flow again today,” the spokesperson confirmed yesterday evening.

“It’s the strength of our retail partnerships that has enabled us to bring this plan together so quickly. Tomorrow we welcome the Australian Government to Crossroads and look forward to an update so the fumigation can begin, and we can work to begin servicing our partners again.”