Milan, Italy

Swedish brand Electrolux unveiled one of the most interesting cooking appliances on the opening day of 2014 EuroCucina trade show: a built-in dual steam oven and sous vide combination.

David Schill, Electrolux brand manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said this appliance had the ability to combine professional cooking with showing off to your friends.

“Sous vide as a cooking technique offers numerous advantages,” he said. “Blending ingredients through vacuum-sealing, such as herbs or marinades together with fish or meat, maximises the infusion of flavours.”

“The subsequent use of steam over a long period of time to cook each dish allows all flavours to bond effectively whilst reducing the risk of overcooking. The focus can then be applied to entertaining guests knowing that you’ll wow them with a professional cooking result.”

Electrolux was only professional imagery of the two appliances separately, so we will have to make do with my admittedly poor photograph:

Electrolux sous vide
Electrolux’s new combination steam ovens and sous vide appliances.

Meanwhile, in one of the most hotly contested battles at EuroCucina, Electrolux prevailed as the company with the most food on its stand. Here is but a glimpse of the cornucopia:

Electrolux food
Electrolux had copious amounts of food at its stand.