By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Panasonic’s worldwide Lumix camera promotion, entitled Lumix Life, will go on display from next week, with entrants from around the globe being encouraged to submit a series of photos for display.

“The first of the LUMIX Life exhibitions will open to the public in the Global Gallery on 15 September and LUMIX Life will run until 10 October,” said a Panasonic spokesperson.

“A new exhibition, featuring a collection of 10 images will be hosted every few hours during the gallery’s opening hours. Each exhibition will be displayed on a Panasonic Full High Definition Commercial Plasma Display Panel, to ensure the images are magnificently presented.”

Although entrants have the freedom to choose the subject and the theme of their portfolio, there is one significant limitation: all photographs submitted must have been captured on a Lumix camera. Those who fit this qualification need to visit the dedicated Lumix Life website before 13 September to submit their images.