Editor’s Picks — The Best Digital Products of 2014


Heos by Denon (RRP from $449)

Originally conceived of in Sydney, Heos’ multiroom wireless audio system merges slick design, awesome sound quality and a seamless user experience.

Heos Heroism: The app controlling this system allows for multiple user profiles for different users within the home.

From From Sydney with Sound: Heos by Denon launches as a serious but selectively sold Sonos rival:

The Heos by Denon service runs from a bespoke app and can stream music to a system comprising three different speaker models, with compatibility for up to 32 speakers. One of the major advantages of this system compared to rivals, according to business manager Joe Salamanca, is that different users in the home can download the Heos app to their mobile devices to control the system. The benefit of this, Salamanca said, is that when using a rating service, such as Pandora, the youngster with good taste can press thumbs up to Ball Park Music and that won’t affect Mum’s playback of Mumford and Sons, who are terrible.