Incorporating new technology.

Dyson has unveiled its first personal air treatment machine – the Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan – at an exclusive media event in Sydney.

Featuring Dyson’s air filtration and air projection technologies, the machine also incorporates new Dyson Core Flow technology to deliver purified air directly to the user. Other features include an adjustable dome at the top to control the angle of airflow, 70 degree oscillation, HEPA filter that captures 99.95% of particle pollutants and traps particles as small as 0.1 microns.

The personal purifying fan is acoustically engineered to be as quiet as possible. A layer of acoustic attenuation foam in the base of the machine absorbs excess noise from the motor. Engineers also developed a new acoustic matrix to better reflect how sound is perceived in the real world.

Equipped with an intelligent light sensing system, the machine actively tracks the ambient light and automatically dims or brightens the built-in LCD screen in real time. When the sensing system detects the space has become dark, it will automatically switch off the LCD screen. A sleep timer can be set for the machine to turn off after pre-set intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

Dyson vice president of health and beauty, Paul Dawson said, “At Dyson, one of our guiding principles when we build new machines is that we solve real problems, for real people, in real homes.

“Harnessing our knowledge of science and technology, we challenge ourselves to invent things in a different and better way. The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan is engineered for personal spaces, allowing users to take control of their own air quality and thermal comfort.”

The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fans will be available in White/Silver and Gunmetal/Copper colours from, major electrical retailers and department stores from 6 September, 2019 for RRP $499.