By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: There was one clear winner amongst MasterChef Australia’s partners last night: Panasonic was featured 15 times throughout the program (not including ads). There were losers, however, with refrigeration partner Skope bumped in favour of a company not even listed as a partner.

MasterChef Australia BrandWatch (Tuesday 4 May 2010)

7:30 MasterChef Australia begins on Network Ten
7:31 Callum is seen arriving in a Hyundai car. Hyundai is listed as a Tier One partner.
7:33 Callum is driven around in a Hyundai car.
7:33 A fridge is seen in the background and, although the label is visible, you cannot see what the brand is.
7:35 The Panasonic panel used as a scoreboard and for displays is clearly visible. Panasonic is listed as a Tier One partner.
7:37 First ad break: Telstra T-Hub, Palmers (cocoa butter), McDonalds, Iron Man 2 (film)
7:39 Ad for viewers are encouraged to visit the site to download recipes and relive past episodes. Still shots of the website include an ad for a foodstuff: the name isn’t visible, but the tagline reads “Feed their imagination”.
7:40 Ad break resumes: Snickers, Gillette (moisturiser), Coles (this ad features Rexona prominently)
7:40 Standalone ad for Coles, which “proudly supplies ingredients in the MasterChef pantry”. Coles is listed as a Tier One partner.
7:41 MasterChef Australia Act II
7:41 Panasonic panel is again clearly visible, this time from close-up and held on camera for at least one second.
7:41 After cutting back to the chefs, the camera tilts up and zooms in to capture the Panasonic panel again, this time holding its focus for another second. The Panasonic logo is clearly visible for up to three seconds.
7:41 Callum enters a clear, honey-like liquid substance into a pot from a namebrand jar. The brand and the foodstuff is not immediately known.
7:42 The Panasonic panel, which is being used to countdown the time remaining, is shown again, this time for a split second.
7:42 Callum places part of his dessert into a Tecnomac industrial freezer. The brand is clearly visible and the product is held completely in shot. Tecnomac is a brand by Castel Mac Spa, an Italian company specialising commercial refrigeration. Tecnomac  is distributed in Australia by Major’s Group. None of Tecnomac, Castel Mac or Major’s Group are listed as partners, though rival refrigeration supplier Skope is listed as a Tier Two partner.
7:44 Panasonic panel is again visible, this time from medium distance. Brand isn’t visible.
7:45 Panasonic panel is shown again, with the brand clearly visible and the image held for around one second.
7:45 Camera very briefly captures the Panasonic panel, the brand is visible for a nanosecond.
7:45 Second ad break: Harvey Norman (cooking); this ad includes the following brands being said aloud: Electrolux, Ilve, Blanco, Smeg. The following brands appear on screen but are not read out: Emilia, Westinghouse, Ariston, Euromaid, Glemgas, Omega, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Indesit, Bosch. Subsequent ads: Vita-Wheat (rice crackers), Dove (body lotion), Aussie Home Loans (this ad includes the following brands shown on screen: Aussie, Westpac, BankWest, AMP, Liberty, Suncorp, Homeside, Keystart, ING, St George, IMB, Macquarie, ANZ, Bank SA, Adelaide Bank, Commonwealth Bank), Panadol, Special K, Mitsubishi.
7:50 MasterChef Australia Act III
7:50 Straight back from the ad break and the show resumes on the Panasonic panel. The counter shown on the panel indicates the brand is visible for two seconds.
7:52 The Panasonic panel is shown again momentarily. The brand is visible, though barely.
7:52 Twice in the space of seconds, the Panasonic panel is shown from medium distance. The brand is barely visible.
7:56 Third ad break: Coles (Rexona features prominently), Zantac, Sanitarium, Origin (energy), EB Games, Perfect Italiano.
8:00 Stand out ad for Handee Ultra, which “soaks up all the mess of MasterChef”. Handee Ultra is listed as a Second Tier partner.
8:00 Ad for, in which viewers can relive the dessert made by the special guest chef Philipa Shelby.
8:00 MasterChef Australia Act IV
8:00 Panasonic panel is in shot for two seconds as show resumes. The brand is not visible.
8:34 For around two seconds the Panasonic panel is visible from medium distance. The brand is not visible.
8:34 For the second time within a minute, the Panasonic panel is shown from a medium distance, this time for longer.
8:34 The following text appears on screen: Special thanks to: Coles, Hyundai, Scanpan: Denmark, Ariston, Globe West Furniture, Sunbeam: Designed to Help, Panasonic. These are all listed as the only Tier One partners.
8:35 MasterChef Australia ends.

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