digiDirect has appointed experienced retail and technology leader, Luke Goldsworthy as digiMarket division manager. He and his team are in the process of onboarding dozens of sellers who have signed up to list on the digiDirect Marketplace.

Featuring an additional 2,500 products, the digiDirect Marketplace adds depth to categories including consumer electronics, home appliances, digital wellness, digital baby and kids care, pet tech, office tech, as well as photo, video, computers, mobile, gaming and streaming.

“We have been greatly encouraged by our burgeoning seller community, who recognise the opportunity of opening up their consumer-base through digiDirect’s loyal community, who purchase large average carts regularly on our website,” Goldsworthy said.

“To maintain the absolute trust of our customers, we have been very selective in the sellers and products we have onboarded, to ensure our service levels are maintained and we continue to provide a range of products that fit our consumers’ broader expectations when shopping at digiDirect,” he added.