By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Panasonic Australia was showing its first luxury massage chairs at the Harvey Norman expo today and it revealed that the company will also distribute it’s unique titled-drum front load washing machines in the Australian market.

Panasonic in Japan has a vast range of products that are not available in Australia, but two new Panasonic products are making their way to Australian shores.

The luxury massage chairs are expected to retail, over the $6,000 mark and offer four types of massage for every part of the body, literally from head to toe.

A second product to debut in Australia are Panasonic washing machines. With the drum on positioned on an angle, Panasonic’s front load washing machines are able to use less water than conventional front loaders which have a horizontally positioned drum. While exact models and prices could not be confirmed, and no models were on display at the Harvey Norman expo today, the washing machines may be available here in the second half of the year.