De'Longhi fully automatic coffee machines
De’Longhi’s new fully automatic coffee machines

De’Longhi launched its Distinta Breakfast Collection and two new Fully Automatic Coffee Machines at an event in Sydney this morning, making no apologises for the price tag attached to the premium appliances.

The Distinta range includes Digital Kettle RRP $199, Mechanical Kettle RRP $169, Two-Slice Toaster RRP $169, Four-Slice Toaster RRP $199, Pump Coffee Machine RRP $299 and Milk Frother RRP $149.

De’Longhi category manager Helen Finlayson said the toaster and kettle market in Australia is worth $148 million and just over 3 million units are sold annually. The $100+ segment of the market has grown 25 per cent in the last 12 months, making it a key product category for retailers’ attention.

It’s an aspirational purchase, often at the top of wedding registries, and people are prepared to pay over $100 for a toaster or kettle they can display proudly on the kitchen bench, Finlayson said.

The Distinta range is the most recent in a tradition of launching annual breakfast collections with a strong focus on design and aesthetics, for example the Icona Vintage, Scultura and Brillante Collections, played a big part in raising the ASPs of what was predominately a replacement market.

The Italian-designed appliances have a matte-textured metallic finish and are available in Future Bronze, Style Copper, Elegance Black and Pure White (all pictured below).

Lee Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute,  said recently at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago that copper will be big this year.

“Nothing has gotten more attention — and will continue to get more attention than copper and some of the brass effects,” Eiseman said.  “I’m not saying applications of other metallics are going away, but copper is really running way ahead as we go into 2016.”

Retailers are encouraged to display the entire range together to increase the chance of multiple sales. A demonstration with the specially-designed augmented reality app is also recommended to help consumers decide which colour would look best in their kitchen.

De'Longhi Autentica (RRP $1,599)
De’Longhi Autentica (RRP $1,599)

Also on display were De’Longhi’s new fully automatic coffee machines, Autentica (RRP $1,599) and De’Longhi White Compact Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (RRP $1,099).

As well as the traditional functions of a fully automatic machine, two new features for hardcore coffee lovers have been added to the Autentica; the Long coffee function which makes a full flavoured long coffee, with a thick rich crema and the Doppio+ button offering a slow 15 gram coffee extraction, delivering a full-bodied double shot espresso.

The intricacies of Autentica’s  LatteCrema System, which delivers creamier and denser milk to finish off a coffee, were also highlighted.

DéLonghi White Compact Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (RRP $1,099).
De’Longhi White Compact Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (RRP $1,099).

Also designed with kitchen trends in mind is the sleek new De’Longhi White Compact Fully Automatic Coffee Machine which offers users the choice to use coffee beans or pre-ground coffee.

The Distinta Collection:

De'Longhi 4 slice Elegance Black
De’Longhi 4 slice Elegance Black RRP $199
De'Longhi Digital Kettle Style Copper
De’Longhi Digital Kettle Style Copper $199
De'Longhi Pump Coffee Machine  Future Bronze
De’Longhi Pump Coffee Machine Future Bronze RRP $299
De'Longhi Milk Frother Pure White
De’Longhi Milk Frother Pure White RRP $149