By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Uniden Australia has expanded its Bluetooth range, with the brand synonymous with wireless communication adding four new models to its range.

The four new models are:

– BTSC 1300 (RRP $99), which is a combined wireless stereo speaker and hands free car kit in one.
– BTSC 1100 (RRP $79), which is a hands free car kit.
– BTHS 800 (RRP $109), which includes a dual microphone with E2 technology Bluetooth headset.
– BTHS 500 (RRP $69), which is a noise reduction and echo cancellation Bluetooth headset.

Uniden senior national marketing executive Brad Hales said he was very happy with this new range, with Uniden now offering a complete Bluetooth mobile solution.

Hales also said the recently released wireless charging pads were starting to have an impact on the market.

“The wireless pads were rolled out initially with all Officework stores and they are starting to pick up traction,” he said. “It is a new technology, and through the positive reviews we have received in the media, it is starting to gain some momentum in-store.”