It has been revealed by a close source to that one of Kleenmaid’s troubled directors, Andrew Young, has apparently left the country. There are concerns that he won’t return.

Just weeks after the collapse of the appliance manufacturer, it seems the pressure may be getting to Young. An anonymous source that has been involved with the company told Current today that Andrew Young was spotted at Sydney International airport yesterday on his way back to New Zealand, but via the USA and Europe.

“Rumour has it he’s doing a runner in order to escape conviction from the ACCC, leaving Bradley to pick up the pieces,” the source said.

Andrew Young contacted on Monday afternoon in relation to a previous story. He said that the media was putting a lot of pressure on him, but he refused to comment further on the issue and declined to offer his side of the story.

Despite the heavy scrutiny Young has been receiving, he seemed very calm and level-headed whilst on the phone, but it seems the media spotlight and constant negativity from angry customers may be taking its toll with this latest decision to flee overseas.

Whether the reason for the trip is legitimate or not, it certainly doesn’t look good when the director of a company owing $76 million to creditors takes an unexpected overseas trip. Many of the creditors are battling homeowners who are out of pocket for many thousands of dollars that they will most likely never see again — there’s no doubt they’d like a trip to New Zealand via the USA and Europe.