By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Over 200 Australian retailers, including Dick Smith Electronics and Apple stores, have signed on for the Australian launch of, an online comparative shopping website for consumers offering everything from digital cameras to wine.

The US-based company launched an Australian version of its website today (, which offers shoppers a broad range of new products from local and international retailers, and allows consumers to compare prices and availability at participating retailers.

However, apart from Dick Smith Electronics, most big-name electrical retailers have not joined signed up to the service.
“As e-commerce grows in Australia, more mainstream shoppers than ever before are turning to the internet for the best product selection and price,” said president and CEO, Lorrie Norrington.

“ organises the massive amounts of data shoppers need to make an informed purchase decision and gives them the tools to quickly and confidently make the best choice.”

The Australian website facilitates consumer reviews of products and retailers, and provides 20 search and sort attributes and approximately 30 comparison attributes across 250 product categories. Australia country manager, Shaun Cornelius, claims the service is more advanced than any other retail search and comparison website in Australia.

“Understanding and making a commitment to local shopper needs and interests is a critical differentiation at Australian shoppers told us they wanted more selection and more content in critical product areas and more transparency of information – particularly delivery requirements – when shopping at overseas retailers.”

All transactions are made directly with the retailer rather than, which acts merely as a starting point for price comparison and product research.